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Provide Advanced Resuscitation course is designed for environments who need or want to use oxygen during resuscitation or therapy. The course expects that participants have completed Provide CPR and have a basic understanding of the process of CPR. Oxygen, suction and airway adjuncts are introduced into CPR, and participants are required to run a resuscitation event using this equipment. In addition, Pulse Oximetry is introduced and participants are taught to incorporate a range of oxygen therapy masks for different events. Throughout the course, realistic simulations are run, incorporating the course content.

Provide Advanced Resuscitation

Professional emergency services personnel arrive at an emergency scene armed with everything they need to help save lives. Oxygen equipment and other medical devices are on hand for a variety of critical functions that help revive an unconscious person, while correct procedural steps guarantee the best chance of recovery. Provide Advanced Resuscitation course aims to expand and strengthen CPR knowledge and facts, and is a natural progression for people who have already attained Provide CPR accreditation. First aid courses encourage students to use real equipment in realistic settings.

Our simulation training is one reason Real Response courses are so popular, and when training is overseen by committed Real Response instructors, retention of essential information is easy. There is no doubt that courage is required to take the lead in an emergency, so our courses help students become comfortable with emergency equipment so it can be used effectively when the need arises. Provide Advanced Resuscitation is a real insight into emergency services careers such as paramedic or life guard, and the qualification is highly regarded by employers across all sectors.


Provide Advanced Resuscitation Attainments

A wide range of important skills are attained in Provide Advanced Resuscitation course. Real Response encourages teamwork to solve problems, while leadership skills needed to save lives are developed. Real Response instructors take their job seriously, but also know how to make learning a successful bonding session. The Real Response Provide Advanced Resuscitation course content and attainments include:

  • Hazard and risk control measures
  • Isolation of electrical faults
  • Safe function of emergency equipment and devices
  • Understanding workplace emergency procedures
  • Isolating live LV panel apparatus and safely removing the victim
  • Applying CPR and other life-saving procedures
  • Contacting emergency services personnel
  • Co-ordination of helpers and onlookers
  • Maintaining a safe and secure LV panel worksite
  • Reporting accidents, incidents and related safety issues


Provide Advanced Resuscitation is a life-changing and life-saving course. Preparedness for emergency is half the job done, and course attainments provide the mind-set required to respond to any emergency.


Real Response For Everyone

Course facilitators tailor simulation training for every purpose. Immersive learning at Real Response becomes a life-advantage, allowing people to enter difficult situations with confidence and purpose. Our props, staging and role-playing can be personalised to represent familiar workplace, school or other real-life situations where CPR skills are required. Real Response knowledge is retained deeply when students ‘learn by doing’ in settings that are familiar to them.

Thankfully, emergencies don’t happen every day. For this reason, Real Response courses simulate high-risk, low-frequency events that require fast recall of life saving techniques. When combined with skills training and team building, the Provide Advanced Resuscitation course and other Real Response courses are easily assimilated and recalled whenever an emergency arises.



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