First Aid Kits are usually designed in accordance with workplace WHS regulations, however often they do not hold contents required to respond to major traumatic injuries, nor to manage a casualty in a remote, high-threat, or austere environment for a prolonged period of time.

What this kit does is bridge the gap between the recommended components of a workplace/remote area first aid kit under state and federal WHS legislation and what is clinically required to manage a severe trauma victim and a casualty in a prolonged field-care situation.

A first aider may find themselves required to render prolonged care due to their geographical location (rural/remote Australia/overseas), unable to access adequate medical care due to natural disasters (bushfires/floods), high threat situations, or simply because it does not exist where you are.

Case Study – Bourke St 2017

The tragic events of the Bourke St attack in 2017 were a vivid example of how standard first aid kits lack critical elements to manage major trauma. Andrew Blain, an office worker who ran down from his level eight office to assist stated, “It quickly became apparent that a first aid kit was not going to cut it’.

He further stated that once he had handed out gloves, ‘the rest of the first aid kit was useless’.

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Other items you may consider adding or attaching separately:

  • Pelvic Splint
  • Diagnostics (oximeter, glucometer with ketone strips, BP cuff)
  • Traction splint
  • Soft collar
  • Litter

Medications you may consider adding:

  1. Aspirin 300mcg disolvable
  2. Salbutamol Inhaler
  3. EpiPen

*For more information about stocking and administering medications as a first aider please see this blog post.

Full Product List and Specifications

Item Qty
High endurance 500d Cordura Tactical Nylon Bum Bag
SOFTT-W Gen 4 Arterial Tourniquet 1
4 inch Israel Bandage 1
6 inch Israel Bandage 1
Mini Glad Grap 1
Light stick 2
Permenant Marker 1
CPR shield 1
Large snake bite Bandages 2
S-Rolled Gauze (can be upgraded to a haemostatic) 2
HyFin Chest Seal (Twin Pack) 1
Blizzard Blanket (thermal protection) 1
Emergency shock blanket, silver space 1
Cleaning wipes 2
Alcohol wipes 16
Iodine wipes 16
Safety Pins 5
Alcohol gel 1
Fabric bandaids 50
Sam Splint 1
Eye pads
7.5 x 4m normal crepe 2
5x4m Normal Crepe Bandage 2
10cm x 4m Heavy Crepe 1
5cm x 4m Heavy Crepe 1
Thermometer 1
Large ice pack 1
Small ice pack 1
Combine bandage 20cmx20cm 1
Combine bandage 20cmx10cm 1
Combine bandage 10cmx10cm 1
Splinter probes 10
Antiseptic sprey 1
Non Adherent Dressing (5cmx5cm) 1
Non Adherent Dressing (7.5cmx10cm) 1
Non Adherent Dressing (5.5cmx7.7cm) 1
Non Adherent Dressing (10cmx10cm) 1
Non Adherent Dressing (10cmx20cm) 1
Small trauma dressing 1
Triangle Bandages 3
Burn Gel (10cmx10cm) 1
Burn Gel (mini sachets) 4
Butterfly clsoures 10
Steri Strips 10
Saline tubes (30ml) 10
Plastic bag 1
Tape 2
Notepad & pen 1
Disposable gloves (set) 4
Electrical tape 1
Remote theory book 1
Refernce card 1