About the book

Training at the Speed of Life Volume One delves into the world of reality-based learning with a pragmatic approach that provides facilitators with practical tools they can use to improve the safety and quality of their training.

Many call themselves simulation experts, however few have the experience of author Kenneth Murry who is the Director of Training for the Armiger Police Training Institute in Florida and Co-founder of SIMUNITIONĀ®. Ken is a consultant to many schools, training centers and institutes around the world.

Ken uses his experience to describe essential principles of simulation and reality-based-learning which if adhered to will improve the student experience, learning outcomes and knowledge retention.

Safety is a huge focus of this book, as the critical outcome of any simulation is for the students to leave the course safe and uninjured (physically and psychologically). Physical safety is fairly straightforward, measures do need to be taken and this is discussed in the book. Psychological safety is an entirely different ball-game and significantly more complicated and opaque. Several chapters within this book discuss how to ensure students leave the training empowered rather than traumatised.

A must read for anyone involved in high-threat or emergency response training/simulaton.