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Fire wardens are responsible for overseeing building evacuations during emergency situations. They work with building managers, security managers and others wherever people gather in large numbers. Fire Warden Training Sydney with  Real Response delivers deeply learnt skills and greater knowledge retention that is ready for recall whenever a real emergency arises.

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What is fire warden training?

Fire Warden Training, also known as Lead An Emergency Control Organisation (PUAWER005B), develops the skillset required for controlling the movements of staff and visitors to an establishment during an emergency evacuation. Real Response uses progressive simulation-based training methods for enhanced realism and genuine emergency response practice. The fire warden course provides an essential link in the life saving chain, and Real Response course graduates are in demand in Sydney, NSW and all around Australia.

What will I learn during a fire warden training course?

Fire wardens are people who thrive on responsibility and are dedicated to workplace health and safety. Responsibilities during an emergency or building evacuation include securing the site, coordinating helpers, communicating with emergency services personnel and addressing evacuation priorities and procedures. Here are some impressive attainments gained in Fire Warden Training courses delivered by some of Australia’s best emergency responders.

  • Preparing an emergency response action plan
  • Understanding emergency signals and reports
  • Undertaking actions during a developing situation
  • Hazard and risk identification
  • Liaison with emergency services
  • Responding to a fire emergency
  • Responding to a bomb threat

The role and responsibilities of a fire warden during a workplace emergency includes relating to and communicating with people from different cultural, social, ethnic and linguistic backgrounds, as well as those with physical or intellectual disabilities.



How much does fire warden training in Sydney cost?

Real Response was established to offer accessible first aid and emergency response training programs for all employers and organisations. Our flat rate of $1125 for up to 7 Fire Warden trainees is geared to providing total building security and safety for your business or premises. In many cases, Lead An Emergency Control Organisation (Fire Warden) training costs are covered by the employer, particularly in larger organisations.

How long is a fire warden training course?

Fire Warden Training Sydney is completed in only 4 hours, and although the subject matter is serious, we make training enlightening and enjoyable. Our fire safety training instructors are highly qualified educators and emergency responders who prioritise health and safety and ensure every course participant develops their full life saving potential. The course is ideal for those seeking new workplace challenges, and you can further progress with Fire Marshal training or Chief Fire Warden training. Sydney Real Response delivers specialised and personalised training programs appropriate for your staff and location.

Where is fire warden training located?

Fire Warden Training Sydney is ideally carried out onsite at your workplace or other establishment. We will help you and your team implement emergency planning and management strategies, establish building evacuation procedures and address workplace risks and hazards. We can even assist you in setting up a dedicated first aid room.

Real Response also provides a wide range of first aid and emergency response ‘public courses’ plus in-house training at our headquarters conveniently located in the Sydney CBD at Level 3, 50 York St, Sydney.


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