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First aid and CPR skills are essential components of emergency response. Training providers around Australia deserve recognition for they work they do in making Australia a safer place for everyone to appreciate. However, a big difference is noticed when first aid attainments are the result of enhanced simulation-based training delivered by highly experienced and qualified professionals. Real Response was established in late 2014 to bridge the divide between first aid attainments and genuine emergency response, and the results are incredibly rewarding.

What should you look for in credible first aid training?

Progressive first aid trainers utilise every resource at their disposal for delivering superior results. Credible first aid training competencies are noticed when a genuine emergency arises. In other words, who will stand back and watch, and who will act with decisiveness and confidence? At Real Response, we don’t claim that everyone will reach topmost levels of first aid expertise, but we do sincerely endeavour to train every course participant to the best of their natural ability. Our instructors are personable, approachable and caring individuals who have seen first-hand the difference appropriate first aid intervention can make.

Our other secret, ‘simulation training’, is a first aid training game-changer. Simulation training, or ‘learning by doing’ engages first aid trainees in realistic emergency response practice from the outset. Real Response students are ready to respond with confidence and capability the moment training is complete. The many advantages of simulation based first aid training include:

Simulation training better engages students: Our realistic training simulations are designed to enhance the knowledge, skills and abilities of students.

First aid simulation training saves more lives: Course participants get real practice responding to life-threatening situations in situations where mistakes can be made.

Simulation training develops teamwork and leadership skills: Simulation training encourages teamwork that enhances the effectiveness of each individual team member.

Simulation training creates a safer environment: By testing the procedures and systems within specific environments, safety hazards and risk factors are revealed.

Combine team building workshops with simulation training: Our training methods bring co-workers together for greater capacity to combat stressful situations as a team.

Simulation training tests your abilities to respond to medical emergencies: The ability to learn, understand and retain first aid knowledge is superior to traditional first aid learning structures.

Simulation training is more effective for adult education: The techniques are delivered to encourage natural responses in an interactive and safe manner.


Is Real Response a credible first aid provider?

Real Response stands out from other providers. Since establishment in 2014, Real Response has grown to become one of Australia’s leading first aid training organisations. We teach groups of all sizes for beginner, intermediate and advanced first aid training. Simulation based first aid training saves more lives, making Real Response graduates in demand among Australian employers. Some Real Response partners we have trained include:

  • Telstra
  • Meridian
  • Sanitarium
  • Sea Shepherd
  • The Salvation Army
  • The Australian Bureau of Meteorology


Do Real Response courses provide credible certifications?

All Real Response courses provide nationally accredited qualifications, with certifications valid from between one and three years. Our graduates are industry and employment focussed, in demand for promotion and greater workplace responsibility, or ready for an entirely new career direction. With a comprehensive range of first aid training courses available, Real Response gives you the opportunity to expand on your skillset and reach your goals.

What is the most credible first aid course?

First aid courses all teach valuable emergency response procedures, but that doesn’t mean our training programs are a one-size-fits-all solution. At Real Response we deliver tailored training programs for every type of work, school, home, or community environment. Our course facilitators and instructors provide adaptable first aid training solutions, so you and your team become skilled, equipped and ready to respond to accidents and emergencies at all times, wherever you are. Contact us today by phone, online, or in person at our Real Response training headquarters.

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