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Employing staff with first aid and CPR training is a smart move by employers. In fact, many Australian employers and industries incorporate first aid training packages into their own industry-specific curriculum for well-rounded qualifications and capabilities. Employers such as O-I Glass engage in proactive solutions by encouraging employees to undertake targeted first aid training. As a global glass packaging powerhouse with 27,000 employees and more than 10,000 product offerings, dangers exist that need to be minimised, and Real Response solutions are the answer.

The O-I and Real Response partnership

Real Response courses are designed and tailored for industry-specific application, and Provide Advanced Resuscitation (HLTAID015) is the ideal fit for many employment settings. The O-I Glass production factory in Melbourne encourages best safe work procedures, including the capacity to respond in an automated manufacturing environment where oversight or mechanical failure can result in chemical exposure, cuts, burns and other accidents. With a proud history since establishment in the United States in 1903, the O-I Glass first aid training initiative in partnership with Real Response is a great outcome for achieving a safer Australia for everyone to appreciate.



What was the O-I and Real Response Advanced Resuscitation experience?

Sustainability means a lot to O-I Glass industry leaders. In addition to being a world leading manufacturer and supplier of recyclable glass container products, staff are also encouraged to develop leadership and safe work skills that benefit all employees and their families. The connection between O-I Glass industrial enterprise and safe work practices naturally results in Real Response training for tailored industry outcomes. Although glass containers are pure, healthy, and versatile, manufacturing has inherent risks that are specific to the industry. For this reason, Provide Advanced Resuscitation (HLTAID015) is the perfect fit for achieving tailored workplace results.


O-I Glass uses state of the art automated manufacturing processes at their production factory in Melbourne. However, even the best laid plans of men and machines can go awry, and maintaining a safe work environment, along with the attendance of trained first aid staff, is the proactive way to counter accidents and emergencies. Chemical exposure experienced in industry can be minimised, and there is no real excuse for a tardy emergency response. O-I Glass staff are ideally suited to learn Provide Advanced Resuscitation techniques, with attainments that include CPR, pulse oximetry, oxygen therapy and airway management procedures. With the addition of Real Response simulation training, O-I Glass first aiders are ready for capable and timely emergency response the moment they complete training.



Are there other first aid skills suitable for O-I Glass employees?

The Provide Advanced Resuscitation course offers extensive attainments gained in only 6 hours of enlightening learning. Additional competencies gained include oropharyngeal airways (OPAs), bag-valve-mask ventilation, use of nasal prongs, Hudson mask and pocket mask. In addition, Real Response simulation training develops a personal skill set, leadership abilities, and team management skills. Real Response courses are life changing as well as life-saving, and our experienced trainers ensure every course participant is guided to the best of their natural ability. Providing advanced resuscitation on affected workmates and colleagues isn’t necessarily the most glamorous job, but it is essential, and the person whose life you saved will be too busy thanking you to focus on the details.

How do O-I Glass employees learn the advanced resuscitation procedures?

Real Response introduces simulation training into first aid learning. Every major first aid procedure is comprised of hands-on techniques that are easily learnt, and knowledge retention is far superior with simulation training in a ‘learning by doing’ environment. Simulation training for Provide Advanced Resuscitation is comprised of realistic, real-time emergency response practice. Nationally accredited qualifications are enhanced in a number of ways, including:

  • Simulated workplace for realistic learning in familiar surroundings
  • Role-play acting by trainers and course participants for personalised realism
  • Props, actors and communication in a genuine emergency approach
  • Simulated 000 calls for timed emergency response
  • Real oxygen equipment and defibrillation training
  • Development of teamwork and leadership skills

Real Response is honoured to partner with O-I Glass or achieving greater first aid reach in the workplace. First aid and CPR training is suitable for almost everyone regardless of age or gender, and when large multi-national companies such as O-I Glass are onboard, the mission to satisfactorily spread first aid knowledge and skills is effectively hastened. With annual worldwide net sales close to $7-billion, operation in 23 countries, and 79 dedicated O-I Glass plants, The Real Response mission just got a little bigger. O-I Glass is located in Melbourne’s at:

O-I Glass

20-40 Booker St, Spotswood VIC 3015

(03) 9235 6439


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