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The HLTAID012 First Aid Course, known as Provide An Emergency First Aid Response In An Education And Care Setting, is the go-to first aid training course that will benefit anyone working with children.

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What level of first aid is HLTAID012?

First aid training courses are unique. Although HLTAID012 is the perfect introductory course for carers, teachers and parents, the life-saving techniques and procedures are the same as those used by professional medical emergency responders.

In addition, Real Response first aid trainers use simulation-based training techniques that delivers deeper learning and greater first aid knowledge retention. Simulation training, formerly used only by police, the military and professional medical emergency responders, gets you up from behind the desk and into realistic life-saving action.

First aid courses act like stepping-stones toward higher attainments, but every step is equally important. Our courses are structured so everyone can develop their first aid capabilities to maximum potential, and classes are overseen by some of the finest paramedics, emergency responders and educators anywhere. HLTAID012 First Aid Course Perth participants are ready, willing and able to save lives the moment training is complete.

What is included in HLTAID012 first aid?

Provide An Emergency First Aid Response In An Education And Care Setting (HLTAID012) is designed to empower anyone overseeing toddlers and children. Parents and guardians expect children to be protected from accident, injury or illness while in the care of others, and this course provides the knowledge and skillset required. Attainments in this course include:

  • Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) to an adult, child and infant
  • Asthma and anaphylaxis training
  • Use of an adrenaline auto-injector
  • Use of a defibrillator
  • Provide artificial respiration
  • Airway management
  • Workplace procedures and codes of practice
  • Legal, workplace and community considerations

As can be seen, this course delivers the skills and knowledge required to perform the most commonly encountered medical emergencies. Childcare first aid is essential for carers, teachers and parents, and nationally recognised HLTAID012 first aid certificate is worth obtaining by anyone wanting to work with children.

Real Response first aid and CPR courses are in demand. This qualification will enhance any resume and improve employment prospects. Childcare first aid training will prepare you for any emergency first aid response required under your watch, and you will have the skills and knowledge required to step in and assist when no one else can.

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Does HLTAID012 include CPR?

CPR is an important component of the HLTAID012 Perth course. Low-frequency, high-risk emergencies aren’t an everyday occurrence for most people, but emergencies don’t discriminate and can happen anywhere and at any time. CPR training will teach you how to sustain a person’s life for up to 10 minutes or until emergency assistance arrives. Sure, it seems a little scary, but not as scary as doing nothing and watching someone potentially perish before your eyes.

Health and safety regulations are strictly enforced in the childcare industry. The HLTAID012 certificate course training satisfies Australian Resuscitation Council guidelines, with incredibly valuable life saving techniques learnt in only 8 hours. It’s serious business, although expert educators and instructors at Real Response make training fun, enlightening, and a great bonding opportunity for colleagues and workmates.

How long is HLTAID012 valid for?

The HLTAID012 Perth course certificate is valid for 3 years before the need for a short refresher course. First aid and emergency response equipment and techniques are continually evolving and improving, making the refresher course an essential component of keeping up to date with the latest life saving techniques.

Where get HLTAID012 first aid training?

Perth is a large and expansive city, and Real Response can host training on-site at your workplace or other location. We also provide in-house training as well as public first aid training courses around the city and suburbs.

Real Response Headquarters Perth is located at 45 St Georges Terrace, Perth. We are close to the CBD and public transport for your convenience. Contact us online, over the phone or in person for more information about present and upcoming accredited childcare first aid training courses in Perth.