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First aid and CPR qualifications are highly regarded, and the skills save lives around Australia every day. CPR and first aid refresher courses are an essential step in maintaining high level first aid skills and knowledge that can be called upon whenever required.

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What is a CPR refresher course?

The first aid landscape is constantly changing, with new devices and innovations changing the way we approach cardiac arrest and other emergencies. CPR qualifications gained in Provide Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (HLTAID009) last for 12 months, with the statement of attainment delivering nationally accredited qualifications that are in demand with employers and industry experts.

A refresher course for CPR covers similar material to HLTAID009 and also introduces you to any new devices, techniques and procedures used in progressive cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

How long is a CPR refresher course in Perth?

The CPR refresher course is completed in only a couple of hours. Many employers and industries incorporate first aid and CPR training qualifications into their working skillset, with first aid training and refresher course costs often covered by the employer.

First aid training and refresher courses are the proactive method of making your workplace, establishment or home safer for everyone. Real Response was founded in Melbourne in 2014 with a dedication to transform poor first aid learning outcomes using advanced simulation-based training methods.

Our CPR and first aid courses, delivered by industry leading paramedics and emergency response professionals, are transforming the first aid training industry in Australia, and our establishment in Perth is the next step toward a safer Australia for locals and visitors to appreciate and enjoy.

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How often should CPR training be updated Australia?

Provide CPR (HLTAID009) CPR qualifications are valid for 1 year. If you have completed HLTAID009 within the past 2 years, you are eligible to undertake the CPR refresher course for obtaining a current statement of attainment. CPR refresher courses ensure you remain ready for low-frequency, high-risk emergency response at any time.

Perth CPR refresher courses conducted by Real Response include our famous simulation-based training methods, or ‘learning by doing’. With simulation training, students get away from the desk and into real life saving action, even while learning, resulting in graduates who are confident, capable and emergency-ready the moment training is complete.

A CPR first aid refresher course using simulation training methods will enhance training course outcomes in multiple ways. Simulation-based training formerly used only by police, the military and medical professionals, is transforming the first aid training landscape. Real Response training methods:

  • are constantly evolving, making them fun and engaging
  • provide deep learning to help save lives
  • provide learnings about various dangerous situations
  • test emergency response times
  • develop leadership skills and teamwork
  • are suitable for any workplace and age group

How to get recertified for CPR?

CPR training courses at Real Response are in demand, and our expansion to Perth WA is the logical next step. We deliver a wide range of first aid, CPR and emergency response training courses, including the CPR Refresher Course. Emergency situations aren’t an everyday occurrence for most people, and retaining the knowledge and skillset is essential for a safe and confident emergency response. The first aid and CPR refresher course will keep your first aid journey on track with capabilities that include:

  • Respond to an unconscious person
  • Communicate in an emergency
  • Perform airway management
  • Provide artificial respiration
  • Provide CPR to an adult, infant or child
  • Understand the principles of automatic external defibrillation (AED).

Where to take CPR classes in Perth?

At Real Response, we understand that everyone has schedules and workloads that need to be factored into the training equation. When clients can’t make it to us, we need to go to them, and Real Response provides in-house, onsite and public First aid and CPR training courses for individuals and groups.

Our Perth Real Response Headquarters is conveniently located in the centre of Perth at 45 St Georges Terrace, so contact us online, give us a call, or drop in and speak to us in person about your CPR refresher course or other first aid and emergency response training requirements.