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The risk to health and safety is heightened in hospitality and tourism environments. Safety of staff and patrons is a priority in hotel venues where revellers are encouraged to celebrate life, sometimes with a little too much enthusiasm. Establishments such as the Beach Road Hotel in Bondi have a duty of care for Australians and international visitors to our most famous beach, and first aid training for staff is high on the priority list.

The Beach Road Hotel comprises a public bar, courtyard, back bar and upstairs DJ and live music venue. Accommodation and function room hire is also available, and with so many areas to safely oversee, Real Response training expertise offered the right solutions.

The Beach Road Hotel and Real Response Partnership

Every first aid client deserves a solutions-based approach applicable to their particular organisation. Real Response sees the big picture, and rather than just training disassociated individuals, we organise entire teams of first aiders for far greater emergency response reach. Our course facilitators and instructors realise everyone has different skills that can be utilised to assist others in need, and Provide First Aid, previously known as Level 2 First Aid and Senior First Aid, offers a comprehensive introduction to first aid and CPR skills and knowledge. Coordinating the daily activities of a busy and popular hotel is a major achievement, and when trained first aiders are in place, the logistics get a whole lot easier.



How did Provide First Aid HLTAID011 assist the Beach Road Hotel?

The HLTAID011 attainments form a valuable cornerstone in first aid and CPR response. The qualifications are nationally accredited and last for three years, making one or two days of study a wise investment. At Real Response, we use simulation training to enhance learning and knowledge retention, allowing our graduates to feel rightly proud of their newfound skills that can and do save lives. Our instructors take emergency response seriously, while teaching course participants in a safe environment that encourages teamwork, comradery and the confidence to lead when no one else will.


Hotels and pubs encounter accidents and emergency situations that require immediate response. Progressive employers encourage broad work choices and career advancement, so first aid attainments are a value-added incentive for all concerned. Bondi Beach is a famous Australian ambassador worth protecting, as are the surrounds including popular local bars, cafes and community spaces the locals have been appreciating for generations. The Beach Road Hotel is dedicated to providing the highest levels of service and safety, a commitment shared by Real Response trainers dedicated to making a difference all around Australia.



What HLTAID011 qualifications did Beach Road Hotel staff attain?

As an introductory course, Provide First Aid (HLTAID011) is hard to beat. The skill set and attainments are the same as those used by emergency services and medical personnel to save lives, and the advent of portable first aid devices makes the qualifications more relevant than ever. Attainments gained in HLTAID011 include CPR for adults, children and infants, airway management, anaphylaxis treatment, defibrillator practice, bandaging and a whole lot more.

It seems like a lot to learn in the space of one or two days, but this gives some indication of life-saving simplicity of first aid procedures. Every technique can be learnt by anyone who has a desire to save lives, and with Real Response training the qualifications remain ready for use whenever required. A standout feature of Real Response is simulation training, where retention of all HLTAID011 abilities is enhanced for long-term application. Additional Provide First Aid attainments include treatment of chest, abdominal and spinal injuries, response to seizure, collapse or stroke, administering adrenaline auto-injections and communication with helpers and emergency services personnel.

How did Beach Road Hotel staff learn first aid so quickly?

With safety risks to both staff and patrons, increased by the involvement of alcoholic beverages, having staff trained in first aid response is essential. Incidents involving cuts, breathing difficulties, collapse and other emergencies can happen, so minimising risk and maximising response success is the best way forward. Bar staff and management of the Beach Road Hotel were tremendously assisted in first aid training by Real Response methods that include simulation training, where course participants get away from the desk and into simulated life-saving action.

Real Response simulations are designed to emulate real work environments so training can take on a realistic ‘learning by doing’ focus. Simulation training has been used by paramedics, police and the military for some time, and the enhanced methods are proving equally valuable in first aid training. By engaging in simulation training, staff and managers from the Beach Road Hotel were able to learn, process and retain essential first aid and CPR skills that translate into work-skills and life-skills. The result is a safer hospitality industry for all Australians and visitors from abroad to enjoy. The Beach Road Hotel is located in Sydney at –

Beach Road Hotel

71 Beach Rd, Bondi Beach NSW 2026

(02) 9130 7247


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