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Although anyone will benefit from first aid and emergency response training, the techniques are essential in some occupations. Workers in the electricity supply industry are ideal candidates for training that creates greater safety for themselves, colleagues, and others in the vicinity. Perform Rescue from a Live Low Voltage Panel (UETTDRRF06B) delivered by Real Response, is now available in Sydney, and employers and building managers couldn’t be happier.

The Sydney skyline boasts impressively large buildings, all powered by electricity. Safety and security is a priority for everyone, and Real Response is on hand to deliver course information that translates into a genuine life saving skill set. Our simulation based first aid training techniques are a boon to first aid training and have transformed the industry since our inception in late 2014. Industry experts support Real Response initiatives, including Perform Rescue from a Live Low Voltage Panel (UETTDRRF06B) training that makes Sydney safer for everyone.

What is low voltage panel first aid training?

Low voltage electricity is ‘mains power supply’ distributed to building and homes throughout Sydney. Low voltage electricity is dangerous and even deadly, although less powerful than high voltage electricity transmitted from power stations to regional locations. Low voltage electricity is all pervasive in our lives, most notably in household power points and LV panel cupboards located in Sydney skyscrapers. The intricate web of colour coded cabling noticed in LV panel cupboards are maintained by electricity supply industry professionals, and safety is the number one priority.

Real Response courses, including Perform Rescue from a Live Low Voltage Panel, make a real difference, providing a safe work environment where life saving skills are on hand to assist electricity workers and anyone else requiring emergency assistance. Electricity supply industry employers demand UETTDRRF06B qualifications, and Real Response training is delivered for industry-specific application. Attainments include:

  • Safe work procedures in accord with industry guidelines
  • Security and maintenance of emergency equipment
  • Identification of isolation points for securing the emergency site
  • Safe removal of an electrocution victim from live apparatus
  • Providing cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and other first aid procedures
  • Automated external defibrillator (AED) practice
  • Treatment of shock, burns, bleeding and other injuries


What are workplace approved qualifications?

Although all first aid qualifications have broad-ranging utility, it’s important to learn techniques relevant for your particular occupation, and Real Response instructors share a commitment to saving lives and making Sydney a safer place. Tailored training results in workplace approved qualifications and the ability to respond to emergencies in a timely and effective manner.

The nationally accredited qualifications gained in Provide Rescue from a Live Low Voltage Panel (UETTDRRF06B) are completed in only 5hrs with CPR training, or 2hrs without CPR training, making Real Response training courses the best investment in time and money a person can make. When the course is delivered using our famous simulation based training techniques the skill set becomes deeply embedded, with emergency response capability instantly recalled for a timely response.


How is Real Response rescue training delivered?

Our Sydney trained first aiders have the benefit of enhanced simulation based training that establishes ‘learning by doing’. Prior to Real Response innovations, a paltry 4% of so-called first aiders felt confident of applying life saving procedures correctly. That’s all changed thanks to simulation training that encourages real-time emergency response even during training, resulting in course graduates who have genuine experience under their belt the moment training is complete.

The ability to assist colleagues and workmates suffering an emergency in the vicinity of a live low voltage panel is a life changing capability worth appreciating. Real Response emergency rescue training is deeply learnt using simulation training in ways that include:

  • Simulated emergency situations and environments for enhanced reality
  • Immersive engagement in training for greater knowledge and skills retention
  • Ready-to-use course attainments the moment training is complete
  • Industry-specific training that satisfies employers and electricity supply experts
  • Timed emergency response practice that provides crucial life saving capability
  • Communication, teamwork and leadership development for safe work practices

Sydney course locations

Real Response simulation experts and course instructors apply progressive and comprehensive training techniques tailored for every workplace. We undertake onsite training programs that help establish safe work practices along with the opportunity to bond with colleagues for additional emergency response capability. We also welcome visitors to our Sydney Headquarters located at 3/50 York St, in the heart of the CBD.

Real Response has expanded dramatically since foundation in late 2014, and we now also offer ‘Public Courses’ at Parramatta and Bondi for individuals and groups who want to make an emergency response difference. Our first aid and CPR training programs are recognised among the best in Australia, transforming your Real Response experience into a workplace qualification held in high esteem by employers, with life saving capability, confidence and purpose all part of the Real Response service.

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