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First aid and CPR attainments are valuable for all Australians to learn. Real Response was established in response to underwhelming retention of first aid skills due to ineffective teaching methods. With the addition of enhanced simulation training, Real Response provides realistic ‘learning by doing’ that translates to first aid solutions for larger work, school and residential complexes such as Dunmore Lang College at Macquarie University. Accommodating 260 students, Dunmore Lang College needs to run smoothly for the benefit of Australian and international students who appreciate convenient in-house study and living options.

The Dunmore Lang College and Real Response partnership

As a not for profit initiative, Dunmore Lang College holds high regard for inclusive first aid attainments that assist everyone. The Australian ethic of looking out for your mates isn’t forgotten either, and Real Response training methods bring classmates and colleagues closer together by establishing teamwork and communication skills. Provide First Aid (HLTAID011) is the perfect fit, allowing the natural skills of Dunmore Lang College staff and students to shine in a first aid context. Real Response offers progressive first aid and CPR training solutions, and the life-saving and life changing results are being appreciated Australia-wide.



What was the Dunmore Lang College HLTAID011 experience?

At Dunmore Lang College, staff and students work together to make sure the college operates smoothly. As an accommodation provider affiliated with prestigious Macquarie University, the college has high standards to uphold for the safety and security of students who are adjusting to living away from home. The college also includes conference facilities, kitchenettes, BBQ area, laundrettes, and access to all Macquarie University facilities including the Sports & Aquatic Centre. With so many allurements for students and staff, accidents are inevitable, but with Real Response trained staff on site, a fast emergency response is guaranteed.


Dunmore Lang College is able to take full Real Response advantage. Simulation training, as used by professional paramedics and the military, is the most effective way to learn applied first aid skills. Real Response simulations emulate familiar work, community and school environments, allowing course participants to immerse themselves in learning in familiar settings. First aid and CPR skills, procedures and techniques are incredibly easy to learn, as evidenced by Provide First Aid only taking 2 days to complete, but retaining the skillset for 3 years of qualified application is the real goal only Real Response training can adequately provide.



How did Provide First Aid (HLTAID011) assist Dunmore Lang College?

Dunmore Lang College leaders understand the value of safety, security and comfortable surroundings for best education outcomes. The HLTAID011 attainments provide broad reach for trained first aid staff to assist in college functions to ensure risks are minimised and patrons are supervised. Extensive Provide First Aid qualifications offered by Real Response include responding to an emergency, provision of CPR for adults, children and infants, airway management, anaphylaxis (severe allergic reaction) response, asthma management and many more practical first aid attainments used in the real world every day.

Dunmore Lang College is a large undertaking overseen by dedicated staff who value safety, security and an adequate emergency response when things go wrong. Additional Provide First Aid (HLTAID011) attainments include treatment of soft tissue injuries, head and spinal injuries, animal injuries, plus appropriate response to casualties suffering from stroke, diabetes or seizure. The course offers amazing capabilities that anyone can learn to assist family, friends, and even complete strangers, and increased first aid and CPR capability at Dunmore Lang College is sure to make a difference for residents and their guests.

How did Dunmore Lang College staff learn first aid procedures?

Real Response training introduces students to simulation training, the ‘learning by doing’ system that is revolutionising the training industry in Australia. As first aid training innovators, Real Response is excited to share the enhanced learning methods that result in superior knowledge assimilation and retention. Real Response training simulations involve everyone, including course instructors, in creation of workplace, school or community simulations that engender natural learning responses even when dealing with unfamiliar subject matter.

Simulation training assists in making workplace and residential facilities safer, along with providing incredibly versatile life-saving capabilities that can make the difference in life or death situations. Dunmore Lang College takes first aid seriously and so does Real Response, but that doesn’t stop us making learning fun by using actors, props, emergency equipment, sirens, simulated flame, simulated injuries and other devices for enhanced realism and supercharged learning. As a forward thinking residential establishment with a bright future, Dunmore Lang College first aid training takes them straight to the top of the class. Dunmore Lang College is located in the northern suburbs of Sydney at –

Dunmore Lang College

130 Herring Rd, Macquarie Park NSW 2113

(02) 9856 1000


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