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When it comes to children, no one wants to take any risks. That’s why Tara Anglican School for Girls chose Real Response to deliver Provide First Aid Level 2 (HLTAID011) to their teachers and staff at North Parramatta. The Level 2 course is acknowledged Australia-wide as the industry standard for those wanting to learn medical emergency response skills. Those who graduate are prepared to deal with a wide range of medical emergencies and situations, in the real world.

Why was HLTAID011 such a good fit for Tara Anglican Girls School?

The Pre-Kinder to Year 12 School has a strong focus on student health and wellbeing, and has a dedicated health centre to manage any ailments or injuries the students have. With more than 12 hectares to look after, and a large staff, the school wanted a course that was able to give them the skills they needed, and not disrupt the girls’ learning or class time. They also wanted a course that was nationally accredited and able to provide First Aid certification for a long time. Provide First Aid Level 2 (HLTAID011) provides a three-year certification period.



What skills did the teachers and staff train in?

As a private all-girls school with boarding facilities, teachers and staff at Tara Anglican School for Girls can face a large range of First Aid issues. Schools have inherent risks due to the age and stage of the students, and whenever you have a large amount of children gathered in the same area at the one time, there is bound to be some mishaps. With boarders, staff are faced with the issues generally dealt with by parents. So having First Aid training that is focussed on the challenges of these situations, as well as life-saving techniques, is important. The main concentration of their Provide First Aid Level 2 (HLTAID011) training was to develop First Aid skills to help with what they expected to confront. That included treating fractures, cuts and grazes, as well as life-saving asthma and anaphylaxis emergencies.


The training also provided the teachers and staff with skills to deal with soft tissue injuries such as sprains and strains, and dislocations. A key part of this was the management of bleeding and the use of bandages, as well as skills to manage head and spinal injuries. Training also focusses on how to respond to an unconscious person, manage blocked airways and deal with respiratory and cardiac emergencies. Central to this is an understanding of one and two-person CPR, and how to understand the basic principles of Automatic External Defibrillation, or AED. Importantly, this training gave the teachers and staff training on how to perform CPR on children, as well as adults and babies.



Why is simulation important in schools?

Dealing with a medical emergency in a school can be distressful, both for students and staff. When children are involved there is always the threat of panic, and having to deal with more people than just the patient. Being able to simulate medical emergencies in the school itself can make a big difference to how a person reacts in a real emergency. School staff were able to benefit from our simulations, which created a ‘learning-by-doing’ environment with real-life scenarios. We used fake blood, fake wounds, smoke and emergency calls that put teachers and staff under pressure in the environment they were likely to come across in a real emergency. Simulated training results in greater knowledge retention for use during real emergencies. Graduates of the training gain confidence in their ability to take action when it matters most, and having the opportunity to work together as a team in stressful scenarios can be a game-changer. Click here to find out more about our Provide First Aid Level 2 (HLTAID011) training.

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