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Important information regarding COVID-19


  • Real Response has adapted to the current restrictions introduced by the state governments to ensure participants are kept safe.
  • Delivery methods of training vary by location. See information on Melbourne, Wider Victoria, and the rest of Australia.
  • Real Response are offering a range of unique COVID-19 services
  • Nationally accredited online courses are available nationwide as both public and private bookings.

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COVID-19 Services

Health Screening

Real Response's registered health professionals can come to assess your staff and customers to try and minimise the risk of coming into contact with someone who has COVID-19.

Virtual First Aid Training

Real Response can deliver fully accredited first aid courses conducted entirely online. Equipment will delivered to you or can be picked up from one of our offices. Find out more here.

COVID-19 eLearning package

Ensure that you and your staff are up to date on everything you need to know about COVID-19 through this free eLearning package. Find out more here


Real Response can provide a range of PPE for you and your staff including masks, gowns, gloves and protective eyewear.


On Sunday 3/8/20 the Victorian Government announced a 6-week stage 4 lockdown in Melbourne. In the interest of following guidelines and reducing the gathering of groups, Real Response has decided to postpone all onsite face-to-face courses in Melbourne.

Exceptions to the above may be considered if training is for an essential service, or needed for urgent safety purposes.

If you don’t fulfil the above requirements, you can still get your nationally accredited first aid certificate by way of our online courses.

Real Response has a comprehensive risk assessment and policy/procedure for mitigating the risk of COVID transmission during their courses and will continue to update this as per government advice.

Rest of Victoria

Real Response will continue to run onsite courses for those outside of Melbourne.

In the interest of safety, we will be providing all participants with PPE, checking thermal temperatures, and following social distancing guidelines.

Other options available to Victorians are our nationally accredited online courses, or our dual mode courses.

Australia Wide

Real Response will be continuing to deliver our onsite training nationally while following the COVID-19 precaution guidelines set out in each state. See further information below.

Our online courses are also available nationwide.

COVID-19 Precautions In Face To Face Training

As a way of protecting all students and staff there will be a number of precautions that will be taken with all face to face training around Australia:

  • All courses will include some form of PPE. In Victoria, PPE will be required throughout the entire course whereas in the rest of Australia PPE will only be required during the practical components. The PPE will be supplied free of charge and includes items such as gloves, face masks and protective eyewear.
  • All students and staff will go through a screening process when attending face to face training. This will include a temperature check along with a declaration that the student must sign confirming that they have no symptoms and haven’t come in contact with a COVID positive person.
  • Training will include a range of additional hygiene practices. All participants will be required to use regular hand hygiene using the provided hand sanitiser. Surfaces and equipment will be cleaned and sanitized on a regular basis by students and instructors.
  • All training will require 4 square meters per person

Frequently Asked Questions

COVID Services

Do I have to pay extra for the PPE?

No, the PPE is included free of charge

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Is Real Response still delivering face to face training during COVID-19?

Real Response is monitoring the COVID-19 situation on a regular basis. Face to face sessions are still available for essential services and are being delivered in a slightly different format to normal. Some courses are also being offered as virtual courses.

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Are the virtual first aid courses nationally accredited?

Yes they are Nationally Accredited like normal courses. Students who are deemed competent will be awarded a Nationally Accredited certificate.

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