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Real Response offers First Aid and CPR courses taught by experienced professionals in Canberra. Our courses provide hands-on training that prepares participants to handle emergencies and provide life-saving care with confidence. Enroll now to gain the skills you need to respond effectively in an emergency.

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    • Blamey Pl (1 min walk)
    • Campbell Primary School (Dirt Carpark) off Chauvel St (3 min walk)

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Real Response is a trusted provider of emergency response training and services in Canberra and the surrounding areas. Our public courses are held at Duntroon Scout Hall in Campbell, and we offer private training for individuals and organizations throughout the ACT.

We offer Onsite Private Group training, Public Courses, XR Development, Emergency Simulations and Drills, and First Aid Equipment and Supplies. Our expert trainers are experienced professionals who are passionate about sharing their knowledge and skills with others.

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Public Courses

Learn life-saving skills from experts in Canberra. Our Public Courses offer accredited training in First Aid and CPR. Our simulation-based learning provides an engaging training experience in our state-of-the-art simulation room. Enrol now and join thousands of satisfied students who have learned from Real Response's expert trainers.

Private Group Training

Customised training that meets your needs across metropolitan Canberra and Greater ACT and NSW. Our Group Onsite training brings expert trainers and simulations to your location, ensuring that your team is prepared to respond in an emergency. We offer a range of training packages that can be adapted to meet your specific needs. With hands-on, interactive training, your team will be equipped to handle any emergency.

First Aid Equipment and Supplies

Be prepared for any emergency. Our First Aid Equipment and Supplies offer high-quality first aid kits, supplies, and equipment to meet your needs. We provide everything you need to respond to an emergency quickly and effectively, so you can be confident that you're prepared to handle any situation.

XR Development

Cutting-edge technology for immersive training. Our XR Development services use virtual reality and mixed reality to simulate emergency scenarios and provide hands-on training that prepares individuals and teams to respond effectively.

Emergency Drills

Test your team's readiness. Our Emergency Simulations and Drills provide a custom scenario that simulates a real-world emergency. Our expert trainers guide your team through the simulation, helping you identify areas for improvement and ensure readiness to respond in any emergency.

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Private Courses

Real Response provides workplace emergency response training with expert trainers and simulations throughout the Australian Capital Territory (ACT), including Canberra and the surrounding regions. Our tailored training solutions can be delivered on-site at your location, whether you’re in metropolitan Canberra or regional areas.

Whether you need to train a small team or organise large-scale training sessions for your entire organisation, we can customise our accredited training packages with simulations to meet your specific needs. This provides a comprehensive approach to emergency preparedness that prepares your team to respond effectively in any emergency situation.

Our highly experienced trainers are passionate about sharing their emergency response knowledge and skills with others. They use interactive, hands-on training methods that simulate real-world scenarios, giving your team the skills and confidence required to handle any emergency situation.

Contact us today to learn more about how Real Response can help you and your team be prepared for emergencies in the ACT and surrounding areas.

Online First Aid

Learn essential life-saving skills from the comfort of your own home with our online first aid and CPR courses.

Our nationally accredited courses are delivered in real-time via Zoom by qualified trainers. Enroll now and gain the confidence and knowledge to save lives.


No, we do not currently have an office in Canberra. However, we have a team of permanent trainers available in the ACT who can provide emergency response training services. We also offer public courses from the Duntroon Campbell Scout Hall, providing a convenient and accessible location for individuals and organisations in the area to receive high-quality training.

We currently only offer Provide First Aid and Provide CPR as a public course in Canberra. We can offer a wide range of other courses as a Private Group Course. 

You can find the booking link to our Canberra Courses here

Traditional first aid training generally involves sitting in a classroom all day and listening to someone talk from a power point presentation. First aid simulation based training is far more active, practical and relevant. Courses revolve around a number of tailored, highly realistic simulations of medical emergencies. These realistic scenarios are created using a whole range of props like fake blood, fake wounds, smoke, sound effects etc. The participants are immersed in these first aid simulations and forced to deal with the situation as they would if it were real.



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I have done quite a few first aid courses, and Real Response is the best one I have done to date. The course is very well taught, and the material is well presented. Highly recommend this course for anyone looking for a good first aid course.

Martin Foster

I needed this course to renew my first aid certification, but I never had time to go to a class. With Real Response online course, I was able to get it done quickly and easily!​

Bryan Cirius

I am a professional nurse with over 20 years experience and I recommend Real Response courses to every healthcare professional.

Jane Dowser