Your defibrillator needs reliable parts to work effectively, and so that you can rely on its ability to work in an emergency. The Heartsine PadPak are an essential part of this device as they are the element that not only reads the heart’s rhythm but also applies the electrical pulse to correct the heartbeat. They need to be easy to adhere to the body and quick to open. The design of the Heartsine PadPak is to aid the speed of defibrillator intervention to sudden cardiac arrest. The pads are preconnected, and will be automatically periodically tested by the defibrillator device. The HeartSine pads can be quickly removed from their foil packaging and the plastic covers on pads are easily removed with the provided corner tabs.

When someone suffers from a sudden cardiac arrest there can be many underlying causes. Sudden cardiac arrest is not necessarily caused by heart disease or heart conditions, as many people believe. Such attacks are often only attributed to the old and sickly, but anyone can be in danger of a sudden cardiac arrest.

The following are some possible causes of sudden cardiac arrest:

– Extreme physical stress
– Inherited heart disorders
– Heart defects
– Medications
– Illegal or illicit drug use
– Changes to the size or shape of the heart

There are no definite numbers on the amount of deaths caused by cardiac arrest due to misreporting, but it is estimated that between 15,000 and 20,000 Australians die each year as a result of such attacks. And although 80% of these cases can be attributed to heart disease and conditions, the rest are occurring in people under 35 and with little to no warning.

A sudden cardiac arrest caused by the heart stopping. The heart muscle stops beating when its electrical systems misfires, causing arrhythmias (the heart to beat to slow, too fast or irregularly). If the heart does not beat then the blood that carries oxygen around the body cannot reach the vital organs, most importantly the brain. Within 4-6 minutes of a collapse irreversible brain damage occurs. This is why it is important that providing defibrillation is simple and easy. All equipment must be ready to use and fit for purpose. With the HeartSine PadPak have a four year-shelf life and the assurance that you are using the highest quality goods. The easy to follow instructions illustrate where to place the pads on the body meaning that even the un-trained responder can get the process right.