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COVID-19 Online Course

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic Real Response’s clinicians have developed a series of online courses to assist both the general public and clinicians navigate the wealth of information out there. The content of these courses comes from well recognised sources such as the World Health Organisation and peer reviewed journals.

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Includes 3 Units

Introduction to COVID-19

An introduction to the basic concepts of viruses and coronaviruses. Understand how viruses infect us and where this new coronavirus has come from. Get an insight into how this coronavirus is different to any other virus and what happens if you get COVID-19.

Personal protective equipment (PPE)

Understand how COVID-19 is spread and what you need to do to protect yourself. Learn when to apply different types of PPE by seeing how the virus is transmitted. Apply this knowledge in how you go about daily life.


Learn about what happens if you have a positive test for COVID-19. Find out the signs to look out for in the infection and when you need be seen in hospital. Discover how to treat the infection at home and what treatment will be provided in hospital. Is there any promising treatment for COVID-19 on the horizon? Uncover all this and more here.

Commercial clients

Real Response may assist you in rolling this course series out to your staff for a fee.

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